April Survey Reconfirms Signs of Recent Strengthening, but Outlook is Less Optimistic
  • 82% reported an increase in materials prices, compared with 81% February, while no one signified a decrease, and 18% indicated no change
  • 14% reported higher labor rates in March, compared with 6% in January, while no one reported a decline, and 86% indicated no change
  • 32% indicated growth in the size of their workforce compared with 16% in February, as 50% indicated lower payroll levels, and 18% posted no change

Survey respondents' assessment of the outlook for the commercial building industry for the next three months is summarized in Chart # 2. The April 2011 survey results moderated considerably from the March appraisal.

  • 41% signified an expectation for an increase in projects to be bid, down from 61% in February, while 14% reported a decline, and 45% no change
  • 41% predicted a rise in projects to be awarded, down from 58% in February, while 14% projected a decline, and 45% expected no change
  • 64% forecast an increase in materials prices, down from 87% in February, and 36% foresaw a decrease
  • 18% stated that they expected labor rates would be higher, while 82% saw no change
  • 41% projected the size of the industry labor force would increase, up from 39% in February, while 59%% envisioned no change in payroll levels