CAM Big Buck 2011 Winners Announced
The 2011 winners of the first annual CAM Big Buck Contest are Ryan Gnatkowski from Standard Tile, and Jack Jenkins from Ventcon.

CAM Tri-City member Ryan Gnatkowski, of Standard Tile, Saginaw, recalls, "I went hunting in the U.P. with my friend to his Grandpa's property.   On the second day, I shot the deer - the biggest I've ever shot - 10 point with a 15-1/2-inch spread. big-buck-2012-ryan-gnatowski On the ride back to camp I thought how nice this mount was going to look on the wall of my new house.   But when we arrived, the smile on his Grandpa's face was unbelievable and my friend's dad said, ˜I guess we finally got a deer to put up on the wall!'  When I saw their excitement, I knew the right thing to do was leave it up in the U.P. at deer camp.   But I'll get to see it a few times a year."

CAM Member Jack Jenkins of Ventcon, Allen Park, took his deer on November 17th in Mentor Township near Mio. The buck had 18" inside spread, 20.5" outside spread and 11 points.

big-buck-2012-jack-jenkinsThe Grand Prize winner for Best Big Buck of 2011 is Jack Jenkins. Each Big Buck winner receives a $50 Speedway gas card with an additional Grand Prize of a $100 Speedway gas card for having the largest Big Buck of 2011. Congratulations to both winners!  

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